Complete kit of: Case+Inverter+Solar Controller. This system  does not need electricity to work.  It uses solar power to function during the day and at night. Power up your house with this product. Here are some specifications:

Normal Application: Home
Output Voltage (V): 100/110/220/230/240 Load Power (W): 3,000W Solar Power (W)
500W Work Time (h): Depending on the load and sunshine
Color: White/Red/Grey
Solar Panel: 150W/250W
Battery: 12V 100AH/12V 200AH
Certificate: ISO9001/CE/SON
Output Wave: Pure sine wave system.
Kit Type: battery, Inverter, Controller, Solar Panel
Material: Polycrystalline Silicon
Diplay: LCD
Dimension: 600mm*665,,*1100mm MPPT/PWM Controller
Packaging and Delivery: 600mm*650mm*1100mm 1PCS/CTN
Weight (KG): 54.0
Cartons CBM:0.25 Cubic meters for TTN-SPS3000 3 KW solar power system.
The TTN-SPS3000 System is the fist of its kind with configuration that has a complete kit of: Case+Inverter+Solar Controller+Breaker+Fuse+Input/Output terminal.

ASPS2 5,000 KW Off-Grid Solar System - All-in-one system -Case+Inverter+Solar Co