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2-in-1 Solar Charger + Flashlight - 11200mAh, etc.
ASP 35 -With an 11200mAh battery there’s more than enough juice to keep your laptop going and with a 2 watt Crystalline silicon solar panel the power pack can always be recharged when exposed to the sun. With an adjustable power output you can select from 4.2v, 8.4v, 12.6v or 16.8 volts or alternatively choose the 19volt output

With LED indication lights and a built in torch you can easily connect your devices at night and 4 LED lights indicate the remaining charge in the power bank. Recharge Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Smartphones and more.This solar power charger comes complete with over 12 different connectors that provide compatibility for all the main brand notebooks, phones, cameras and camcorders so wheather its an ASUS, LENOVO, Nokia, Cannon, Samsung, Minolta, Palm or LG this all in one soloution can probably recharge it. With its own carry case and shoulder strap you can keep everything together and at less than750 grams it'

ASPS 56 2-in-1 Solar Charger + Flashlight - 11200mAh, etc.