Model Number:  ASPS 701 OFF-SGHP-5000W

Application:  HOME

Controller Type:  Solar Controller

Output Frequency:  50~60HZ

Work Time (h): 24 Hours

Solar Panel Type:  Polycrystalline, Grade A Polycrystalline

Battery Rated Voltage: 96V

Cables: 100m

Solar Panel Rack: 1 set

Warranty:  25 years warranty

Item: solar system

Solar Inverter: 10KW

Solar Controller: PV Charging Controller

Solar panel: Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module

Product name: 1kw,3kw,5kw,10kw,20kw,50kw,100kw off grid solar home system

Specification:  Normal

Battery Type: Lead Acid

Output Voltage (V): AC110V/220V

Load Power (W): 5000W

ASPS 701kw,3kw,5kw,10kw,20kw,50kw off grid High frequency solar home system with

  • Feature of solar panel system:
    1.Off-Grid Solar Power System is composed of solar panels, controller, inverter, battery bank, solar panel mounting racks, and other accessories required for a complete system. 
    2.The solar panels generate electricity at daytime and charge the battery bank through the controller.
    3.The battery bank gives a stable power output to the inverter which converts DC to AC to power loads, and provides power backup in rainy or cloudy days.
    4.The controller gives an intelligent control of whole system process and provides various protections.