Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Rewired system.   
Our mini solar power stations are pre-wired in our factory, with full testing done on key components to ensure everything is functional and ready to go. Installation on-site is simple – just connect the battery bank and solar.
  • Built in MPPT solar charge controller.   
All the units come with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithmic solar charge controller. It will deliver the maximum available power for charging batteries and charge a lower nominal voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage array.
  • Pure sine wave inverter.   
The multifunction low frequency pure sine wave inverter series has the advantages of stable quality, strong load-carrying ability and long service life. It uses CPU intelligent control, modular design. Conversion efficiency up to 92%.
  • UPS function. 
Transfer time: < 4ms.
2 options of working mode.
Battery first, utility standby mode.
Utility first, battery standby mode.
  • High efficiency solar panels.   
Solar panels are standard size with MC4 connectors, very easy to install. Crystalline silicon solar panel with 10 years warranty on workmanship and 25 years service life.
  • AGM batteries.   
With up to 12 years designed service life and over 1600 cycles at 30% DOD. AGM batteries are the ideal mix of performance and value. Perfect for providing reliable medium-long term power storage.
Built as a relocatable all-in-one unit
Our mini solar power stations are self-contained in a durable steel cabinet, this complete cabinet solution houses all core components, with a slim line design ideal for situating against the wall of a garage.
  • Increasable capacity.
The unit has reserved port for increasing quantity of solar panel and batteries in case you need bigger capacity.

ASPS 901 10kW all-in-one solar power system, completed solar power system

  • Rated power: 10kW
    PV power: 3240W
    Battery bank: 12V 250Ah*8
    Controller rated current: DC 96V/60A
    Output waveform: pure sine wave
    Output voltage: 110V/120V/220V/230V(optional)
    Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz +/-0.3Hz (optional)
    AC input voltage: 220V +/-35% or 110V +/-35%
    AC output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz +/-0.3Hz
    Charge current: 1A-50A (adjustable)
    Operating temperature: -25 - 50°C

    Package size: 1450*610*1480mm
    Product weight: 2120kg